Temporary Recruitment

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Temporary Recruitment

We can work with you to solve short-term employment issues, for example needing a receptionist to cover holiday periods or longer term assignments for things like project work or more senior gaps in employment.

We can also work to your timescales and we don’t need a lot of notice to help you. You can work with us on planned projects or holiday cover, or you can call us at short notice, for example, if you need sickness cover as soon as possible.

We have been known to get temporary cover arranged and the person in your office within 24 hours from receiving your call.

Our pool of temporary workers spans office, sales, marketing, HR and accountancy roles. We get to know our temps very well so we know their skills and can recommend who would fit best into your assignment and team.

When to use a temporary worker

  • If you have fluctuating busy periods, a business project, you need to fill employment gaps or you have an urgent need to cover holiday or sick leave, temporary workers are a great solution.
  • You can use our temps for last minute or planned-in support. Never feel like you are too late in organising an extra pair of hands.
  • We work to match your needs with our pool of temps, their skills and situation. Some of our clients repeat book the same temp to complete all their assignments. My team always try and accommodate this where possible.
  • Another reason some of our clients use temps is to test the water. We offer ‘temp to perm’ recruitment, where we will organise a temp to take on an assignment and if they fit well with your business and enjoy the role, there is the possibility of them being offered a permanent contract with you

Why do people temp rather than do permanent jobs?

You might wonder why people do temp work and possibly question their motives. Our temps team choose to be temps for all sorts of legitimate reasons. Some are semi-retired but want to take on ad-hoc placements to keep busy. Some are re-training, changing industries or have recently graduated and want to gain additional skills. Some are professional freelancers and contract workers. Some are looking for a permanent role after being made redundant or having a career break.

How to find out more about our temporary recruitment service

If you’d like to talk through how temporary recruitment solutions could work for you and your business, we are happy to explain our processes, costs and benefits.

We love to talk recruitment, simply call us and we will help with your recruitment need

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