Environmental Policy

We are committed to becoming a truly sustainable business. This means having the ability to continue providing our customers with high quality products and services in ways that enhance the environment;

We aim to:

  • reduce emissions to levels at which adverse impacts on the environment are avoided
  • take water and other resources from the environment at a level that is in balance with the expected rate of regeneration.
  • do all we can to comply with and, where possible, to better codes, consents and directives issued as a local, national and European directives
  • conserve and protect the environment and, wherever possible, improve it through the services we provide
  • operate in a socially responsible manner.
  • be fully prepared to cope with our operational emergencies that might affect the environment
  • lead by example within our region to contributing towards it sustainable development in integration sustainability into practice

To achieve our aims we will:

  • apply strict quality controls in all we do
  • seek to design, operate and maintain our equipment to the highest practicable standards in order to meet our environmental objectives
  • implement new technology to improve working practices
  • install plant and equipment and design capital work that blends as sympathetically as possible into the local landscape
  • involve the public in our work, liaising with local groups ad individuals where operations may affect them
  • publicly report on our performance where applicable
  • develop accounting systems as a means of understanding our environmental impacts.