Outsourced Advert Response

Outsourced Advert Response

Enabling the cream of talent to rise to the top

Howard James Recruitment takes away the frustration of sifting through masses of job applications and candidate enquiries to find you the hidden gems.

Managing advertising response and screening has become an increasingly difficult function for HR Departments both from a logistics and cost perspective. In the current market, almost every job posting advertised receives a flood of applications, many attracting in excess of 100 responses – great news, except very few of these actually meet the required specification. Having to methodically eyeball every CV and respond to a torrent of telephone enquiries and email chases can invariably bring HR Department operations to a grinding halt as productive time slips away.

Using our expertise we quickly and efficiently identify all strong candidates lurking amongst the mountain of applications and pre-qualify them against your criteria before presenting back a shortlist of candidates who you will want to meet.

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