Outsourced Assessment Centres

Outsourced Assessment Centres

If you are looking to recruit a number of people to your business all at the same time then running an assessment centre / group selection day / open day could be the most cost and time effective way of conducting your search.

Howard James Recruitment Ltd have the ability to manage a complete recruitment program from advertising copy writing and placement in local, national and online media through to facilitating a full assessment centre. After an assessment centre has been conducted Howard James Recruitment Ltd will give you a template final interview, and can be on hand to help run these also – all designed to ensure you get the best candidates for your vacancies.

Assessment Centres are used mainly where there is more than one vacancy, and are a great solution for clients with multiple hire requirements who need a recruitment partner that can handle a complete assignment for them from start to finish.

The benefits to you of holding an assessment centre:

Time effective

You see ALL the candidates in one place at one time, leaving your free to concentrate on all the other aspects of your business.

Cost effective

You can dramatically reduce the cost per head of a recruitment drive when you are finding more than one new recruit at a time.


You present your business culture and the vacancies once to the same people at the same time ensuring you can give it your full vigour and therefore get a great “buy in” from your potential employees (let’s face it, it can be hard work telling the same story to 10 people in a day)

You can also answer questions at the same time, we will facilitate your presentation and questions and answers session so that you only have to answer any one question once for all the candidates who will all hear the response and therefore be better briefed on the opportunity.


A group assessment enables you to give more time to each individual, and therefore they can see your true culture, and you can see theirs enabling a much better match to be made. This will reduce your staff attrition rates, raise the levels of employee, save you time and make you money!

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