Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Howard James Recruitment Limited is one of South Manchester, Cheshire, Staffordshire and Leicestershire leading recruitment agency providing innovative recruitment agency solutions tailored to meet the hiring goals and solve the hiring problems of leading companies within our catchment area. Howard James Recruitment Limited will provide you with a customised recruitment agency solution designed to achieve your specific business needs.

Howard James Recruitment Ltd have developed a reputation for finding candidates who make a difference to their Client’s business. Howard James Recruitment Ltd offers a broad range of recruitment agency services and resources to enable both clients and candidates to successfully fulfil their individual recruitment goals.

The best companies have teams of people that work so well together, they improve and even inspire each other to reach new levels of achievement. We work with our clients in much the same way, as part of a team that is committed to finding and hiring the right people at the pace your business demands. This approach includes providing the right amount of collaboration, research and intuition needed to deliver a few well-chosen candidates, instead of a mass of untested CVs and we provide our services with the kind of professionalism and accountability that you would expect from a team member.

Another reason for our success is our recruiters’ industry expertise. Our recruiters know the sectors we work in and the people working in them. This, combined with their recruiting experience, gives them the advantage of knowing who you need to hire and where to find them.

Howard James Recruitment Ltd is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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