Contract Recruitment

The abilities of skilled contractors can make a significant difference to the success of a project and to the profitability of a company’s business.

In contract recruitment, our service is measured both by our ability to match a job requirement or assignment brief quickly and by the specialist skills and professionalism of the contractors / interims we provide.

Howard James Recruitment Ltd, place professional contractors throughout the UK and internationally. Our dedicated contract recruitment consultants work in a specific area of activity, each with a specific market focus and each determined to make the recruitment process straightforward and successful for our clients.

The quality of our consultants has a vital role to play in the process. They take the time and trouble to get to know contractors and work hard to put the abilities of those contractors into the most appropriate and effective positions.

Communication is critical throughout the process; contracts, insurances, accommodation and expenses – all need to be organised efficiently and professionally. We are well-versed in making sure everything runs smoothly by ensuring both the client and the contractor are kept informed every step of the way.

Our contract recruitment service is an essential component in the everyday activities of many of the UK’s major organisations.